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Asbestos in the Home

Published by Asbestos Victims Special Fund Trust, Philadelphia, PA 19102
Copyright now held by the White Lung Association

Table of Contents:

Identifying the Hazard:

A. How do I know if there is an asbestos hazard in my home?

Checking for Asbestos:

A. Should I check for asbestos before I purchase a new home?
B. What if I live in an apartment or condo?
C. If I discover that there is asbestos in my home, how do I know if it poses a health hazard?

Dealing with Asbestos:

A. Should I leave the asbestos alone, repair it, or remove it?
B. What are the alternative methods for dealing with asbestos in the home?
C. What are the disposal requirements for asbestos?
D. How much will it cost?
E. How should I choose a professional?

Where can I get more information about asbestos?

CHART: Where might I find asbestos in my home?

How can I avoid disturbing asbestos-containing materials?

What are the most common myths about asbestos?


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