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Asbestos Watch Newsletters
May 1994

Featured Articles:

Report to Asbestos Victims
Public Symposium: Asbestos, the Persistent Plague

Other Articles:

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Mesothelioma Victims Win Three Million Dollars Each
CCR Settlement Is No Good for Asbestos Victims
Turner and Newell Sued by Chase Bank
Lloyds of London Threatened by Asbestos
Edith Ford and Volunteers Honored
Manville Trust Still Fights Against Victims
Chrysotile Asbestos is Deadly
Italy Issues Ban On Asbestos
Open Letter to Health Professionals
Brazil Hosts Anti-Asbestos Conference
World Movement to Ban Asbestos Gain Strength

Public Symposium
University of Alaska Museum
The Persistent Plague:
A Public Health Menace of this Century and Beyond

Paul Brodeur
Environmental Activist

Ed Flanagan
Business Agent,
Alaska State District
Council of Laborers

James Fite
Executive Director,
White Lung Association
Baltimore, MD

Tony Mazzocchi
Assistant to the President, Oil, Chemical & Atomic Workers

Bill Ravanesi
Public Interest Artist
Curator of Breath Taken

Mary Vogel
Executive Director,
Asbestos Victims Special
Fund Trust

Ray Goldstein
Law Office of Cartwright,
Slobodin, Bokelman,
Borowsky, Wartnick,
Moore & Harris, Inc.
San Francisco, CA

A panel of experts will discuss the ongoing controversy that surrounds asbestos, the deadly fiber. Hear the real facts on:

  • The worsening plight of the victims of asbestos disease and how they're fighting back.

  • Asbestos abatement projects as they relate to Alaska.

  • The bankruptcy of asbestos products manufacturers, including Johns-Manville, Eagle-Picher, and others.

  • Proposals currently before Congress and in the courts that would severely restrict or eliminate the right of asbestos victims to sue asbestos companies for compensation.

  • The ongoing propaganda efforts of the "Safe Building Alliance" to convince the America public that we face no health threat from the more than 30 million tons of unabated asbestos already installed in our homes, schools, factories, offices, and public buildings.

  • The failure of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to effectively ban the continued use of asbestos products.

  • The continued mining, processing, and export of Canadian asbestos products to the Third World and other markets.

Organized by the Center for Visual Arts in the Public Interest, this Symposium is being held in conjunction with, Breath Taken: The Landscape and Biography of Asbestos, an exhibition by Bill Ravanesi at the University of Alaska Museum. The Symposium is open to the general public.

Thursday, May 12, 1994

2:OOpm-5:OOpm--Noel Wein Library Auditorium
7:l5pm-9:l5pm--Schaible Auditorium UAF Campus

University of Alaska Museum
907 Yukon Drive, Fairbanks, Alaska

For more information, call Terry Dickey at (907) 474-7505

University of Alaska Museum
Alaska Laborers Training Trust
Asbestos Victims Special Fund Trust, Philadelphia, PA
Alaska State District Council of Laborers and its Affiliated Local Unions,
Local Union 341, Local Union 942, and Public Employees Local 71
Cartwright, Slobodin, Bokelman, Borowsky, Wartnick, Moore & Harris, Inc.
Center for the Visual Arts in the Public interest, Princeton, NJ

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