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August 3, 2006 CSE Newsletter


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August 3, 2006 CSE Newsletter

An e-bulletin from the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), India, to our network of friends and professionals interested in environmental issues.


- New study: Nationwide study confirms pesticides in soft drinks still
- Editorial: Globalisers retreating into little shells
- Debate: Experts debate why the Indian cotton market is driving farmers to suicide
- Gobar Times: The 'must-buy' generation
- News: Dispute over forest and revenue land in Himachal Pradesh
- Science: Nitrogen fixing plants to reduce fertiliser dependence
- Science: Carbon dioxide emissions threaten marine life


Cola war: CSE still finds unsafe levels of pesticides in soft drinks nationwide.


Three years ago, we released our report on pesticides in soft drinks. A Joint Parliamentary Committee was set up to investigate the matter. In February 2004 it published its report, endorsed our findings and directed the government to set up standards for soft drinks. But since then little has happened.

In our latest cover story in Down To Earth, we reveal how the companies have worked the system to their advantage so that standards, which have been finalised, have not been notified. Read how the letter of the health secretary was strategically used by companies to meet their objectives. Read the companies' reasons for not having standards and how these are completely wrong.

But that is only half the story. We also wanted to know if the companies have cleaned up their products. We checked. We collected bottles from across the country and tested them in our pollution monitoring laboratory. This time, the laboratory was accredited and we used advanced GC-MS equipment to reconfirm the findings.

We found that nothing has changed -- the drinks are still unsafe. All bottles we checked had pesticides in levels far exceeding the standards laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The problem is that these standards have been finalised but not notified. The reason for this is simple.

The Ministry of Health maintains that it must do long term research before it can finalise standards. It does not explain why this research has not been done in the past three years.

We hope that the government will not play into the hands of the industry this time around, and will finally set mandatory standards. We know that this is a small step in the battle for regulations, and clean food and water. But it is an important one and we need your support. Do read our research and post comments on our message board.

We have said in Down To Earth, "We don't know if we will survive. But we know that the issues we are concerned with, will gain strength. They are too important to be knocked around by a few companies, even if they are the world's most powerful ones. These issues concern our bodies. Our health."

- Sunita Narain, Chandra Bhushan, Kushal Yadav and the rest of the CSE team.

Read the latest cover story: Cola casualties>>


For comments email>>


Editorial: Globalisers retreating into little shells


By Sunita Narain

In 20 years, the world has come full circle: in the mid-1980s the process of globalisation intensified with the rich countries taking the lead in interconnecting countries because it was in their interest. Now in 2006, the same rich countries find the process of globalisation - economic and ecological- too hot to handle.

Read the full editorial online>>


Debate: Panel of experts debate what drives cotton farmers to suicide


Cotton farmers are caught in a vortex of debt accentuated by faulty extension services, discriminatory international trade regimes and skewed tariffs. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Punjab and Maharashtra have thus seen a spate of farmer suicides. CSE organised a round table of experts to debate what can be done. Read views from top economists, farmers, scientists and from industry.


Environment for beginners: Gobar Times


Today, commercials for all consumer goods - from burgers to bikes - are created with a specific age group in mind. From three-year-old tots to eighteen-year-old young adults. Companies across the world are spending billions to "get em while they are young". Result? Kids are moving from cradles straight to the shop counters with remarkable ease. But what does the future hold for this "Must-buy" generation?


More in Down To Earth magazine


News: Dispute over forest and revenue land in Himachal Pradesh

A Rs. 550 Crore (USD 120 million) Hero Honda plant in Himachal Pradesh was to be the driver of industrial expansion in the state. The project breezed through the clearance process. But dispute over the classification of land has brought the project to a halt. Sixty seven percent of the state's land belongs the forest department. Ever since the Forest Conservation Act (FCA) 1980 came into force, disputes over land has become more intense.


Science: Nitrogen fixing plants that may reduce global fertiliser dependence

A team of scientists have published a study in Nature that might lead the way for genetically modify crops to fix nitrogen from the air, reducing dependence on nitrogen fertilisers. Production of nitrogen fertilisers accounts for half the fossil fuel used in agriculture


Science: Carbon dioxide emissions threaten marine life

Global carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels are altering ocean chemistry and threatening marine organisms, including coral reefs, says a US report.

Read complete article>>


CSE is an independent, public interest organisation that was established in 1982 by Anil Agarwal, a pioneer of India's environmental movement. CSE's mandate is to research, communicate and promote sustainable development with equity, participation and democracy.
Contact CSE: http://www.cseindia.org/aboutus/feedback.htm
E-mail: < cse@cseindia.org>
Privacy policy: http://www.cseindia.org/misc/privacy.htm
Address: 41 Tughlakabad Institutional Area, New Delhi - 110062

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Joe Oliver's Alerts:

Joe Oliver, National Board Member and former President of the White Lung Association, has issued a call to all persons to help gather evidence on the conspiracy by asbestos trade organizations to suppress the knowledge about the hazards of asbestos exposure.

If you know anything about this horrific history or have documents which can be used to further prove their heinous crimes, please contact Joe Oliver, WLA, POB 1483, Balt. MD 21203.

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World Trade Center Health:

In May 2003, the Global Environment & Technology Foundation developed the "Asbestos Strategies" report.

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December 17, 2000 is Asbestos Hazard Awareness Day


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Occupational Respiratory Diseases: Asbestos Associated Disease -- Reprinted from: Maxcy-Rosenau Public Health and Preventative Medicine 11th ed. (John M. Last, Ed.) 1980, Appleton-Century-Crofts

Asbestos Victims Deserve Compensation Not Betrayal: position release by the Board of Directors, White Lung Association



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Paul Safchuck May 21, 2003

Dr. William Nicholson Dies at 70

Ray Sentes Brave Fighter For Asbestos Victims

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