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The asbestos form minerals should have never been taken from the earth. Asbestos has killed over a million people in the United States. We continue to spend billions of dollars a year cleaning up for the past use of asbestos. Each year, over 250,000 sick people or their families file claims for compensation for asbestos-related disease. Yet this horrible substance is still being distributed through our society. Asbestos used today will guarantee the deaths of thousands of our children and grandchildren. Why does this madness continue? Why doesn't the United State congress join with Europe and over a dozen other countries in banning all uses of asbestos?

Until 1980, the U.S. Industry placed 700,000 thousand tons of asbestos in over three thousand different building and machine parts. This was done each year. Many times the asbestos was only part of the mixture of glue, plaster, cement, paper, rope, gasket, break, pad or paint. Asbestos killed the workers who made and installed these products. As these products were used, the asbestos escaped to pollute everyone's environment. Now innocent children and adults, who have no occupational contact with asbestos, are getting deadly mesothelioma cancer. Asthma, lung infections like bronchitis, heart attacks, cancers, and infections throughout the body are increasing as a result of asbestos exposure. Ninety-percent of autopsies in New York City showed asbestos related lung changes and fibers of asbestos. The ages ranged from 1-78.

Recently a national scandal erupted in Libby, Montana. Thousands of people, including children, are found to have asbestos related disease or are under constant monitoring due to asbestos exposure from the vermiculite mine. Vermiculite, known by the EPA to contain up to 14% deadly asbestos, is still allowed to be sold as attic insulation and potting soil. Now nursery workers, rail road workers and others are dying from asbestos disease due to their exposure to vermiculite. The EPA could have stopped this in 1984 but failed to do so. This example is one of thousands that show the controlled use of asbestos is not possible without spreading disease and death. Asbestos use in any form is deadly. Asbestos must be banned. The United States must forbid any company from exporting or importing asbestos. All contaminated areas must be cleaned properly. All asbestos victims must be fully compensated. This tragedy has gone on far to long. The asbestos industry represents only a fraction of 1% of the business community. Its assets and those of its insurers offer the basis for funding the solutions. No real solutions can be provided without first banning asbestos. The ban must include decontamination programs and compensation programs. The U.S. Uses less than 25,000 tons of asbestos each year and there are many suitable and safe substitutes.


Its message this year is Ban Asbestos.

Paul Safchuck, President October 25, 2000

Send statements of support, group resolutions, questions and donations to the above address. Remember: December 17, 2000, is ASBESTOS HAZARD AWARENESS DAY.


Front Page, Week Of:

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10/16/05: Victim's Organizations Form Asbestos Victims Coalition in Opposition to Asbestos Trust Fund Legislation

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Jim Fite's Alerts:

Asbestos Victim's Superfund Compensation Program

Asbestos Watch March 14, 2005 (Maryland chapter of the White Lung Association meetings)

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Joe Oliver's Alerts:

Joe Oliver, National Board Member and former President of the White Lung Association, has issued a call to all persons to help gather evidence on the conspiracy by asbestos trade organizations to suppress the knowledge about the hazards of asbestos exposure.

If you know anything about this horrific history or have documents which can be used to further prove their heinous crimes, please contact Joe Oliver, WLA, POB 1483, Balt. MD 21203.

Leonard Makowski's Alerts:

The White Lung Association stands in opposition to The Specter Bill (S.852)

WLA Alerts & News

S.1115: Bill to amend the Toxic Substances Control Act to reduce the health risks posed by asbestos-containing products - This bill is supported by the WLA.

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Proceedings of the Asbestos Symposium for the Asian Countries - now available for purchase.

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Senator Specter Breaks Promise to Mesothelioma Patient and Research Community

Senate Judiciary Committee returns to Mark-Up on May 11th: Proposed asbestos trust fund legislation will further penalize victims of asbestos-caused diseases


World Trade Center Health:

In May 2003, the Global Environment & Technology Foundation developed the "Asbestos Strategies" report.

British Asbestos Newsletter:

The latest issue is Spring 2005


News from India:

The latest issue is January 4, 2007



December 17, 2000 is Asbestos Hazard Awareness Day


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Asbestos Museum


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Occupational Respiratory Diseases: Asbestos Associated Disease -- Reprinted from: Maxcy-Rosenau Public Health and Preventative Medicine 11th ed. (John M. Last, Ed.) 1980, Appleton-Century-Crofts

Asbestos Victims Deserve Compensation Not Betrayal: position release by the Board of Directors, White Lung Association



In Memoria:

Paul Safchuck May 21, 2003

Dr. William Nicholson Dies at 70

Ray Sentes Brave Fighter For Asbestos Victims

For more information please contact info whitelung org.