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March 14, 2005


Maryland Chapter of the White Lung Association (WLA) meets the first Monday of each month at 7:00 pm. We meet in the St. RitaÕs Church School cafeteria, located behind the church at the corner of Dunman Way and Dunleer Ave. in Dundalk, MD. Next Meeting April 4, 2005.


Aberdeen, MD. The Aberdeen Proving Ground will not continue with its plans to let private contractors and Helen Bentley proceed with a scheme to turn asbestos into play sand. Bentley and Company managed to get 5 million dollars in US taxpayer funds to design an operation which would take asbestos from old military bases, mix it with acid and other chemicals and supposedly render it safe to use as sand for beaches, play grounds, roadways and lawns.

Community representatives came to the White Lung and pleaded for expertise testimony against this proposal. After studying the documents released to the community by the Army, the WLA National Board prepared an "evaluation" paper which was delivered to the Army, the MD Department of the Environment, local, state and public political representatives and the press. Community and scientific representatives agreed with the WLA. MD Dept of Environment, who had formerly approved the project, remained silent.

Soon it was discovered that the Bentley Plan would bring a tractor-trailer of asbestos waste in plastic bags into Harford County every hour. Further, the plan called for the open air unloading whose activities would be monitored with "visual" inspection. The plan wanted to flush the wastewater into the Chesapeake Bay. Once these and other facts were brought to lights public opposition was so opposed to this that the Army reconsidered it. The Army also did not want to have another environmental disaster on their hands and finally decided not to proceed with the operations at the Aberdeen, MD base.


Dundalk, MD. The White Lung Association, Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization and other asbestos victims groups have opposed Senator Alan SpectorÕs "Fairness in Asbestos Injury Resolution Act". You are invited to a bus trip to Washington DC to make your views known about what you think about this legislation. The bus trip is scheduled for Tuesday, March 29 and Friday, April 1, 2005. To register call 410-243-5864. The bus will leave from Meritt Blvd. Shopping Center lot one block south of Holibird.


Washington DC. Congress is now considering a national day to honor asbestos victims and to warn against the hazards of asbestos. You are invited to attend on the first of April. Call 410-234-5864 if you want to go to Washington, DC on April 1, 2005.


Front Page, Week Of:

4/16/05: Spectre to Introduce U.S. Asbestos Bill This Week

5/22/05: Individuals Injured by Asbestos Exposure Oppose Specter's Trust Fund Legislation

10/16/05: Victim's Organizations Form Asbestos Victims Coalition in Opposition to Asbestos Trust Fund Legislation

11/17/05: White Lung Mourns Jose Jesus Pessora

12/18/05: Frist Introducing Asbestos Bill in January

12/04/06: Asbestos Watch Newsletter: Help Celebrate the 27th Anniversary of the WHITE LUNG ASSOCIATION

Jim Fite's Alerts:

Asbestos Victim's Superfund Compensation Program

Asbestos Watch March 14, 2005 (Maryland chapter of the White Lung Association meetings)

Directorate of Safety, Health, and Environment (open letter)


Joe Oliver's Alerts:

Joe Oliver, National Board Member and former President of the White Lung Association, has issued a call to all persons to help gather evidence on the conspiracy by asbestos trade organizations to suppress the knowledge about the hazards of asbestos exposure.

If you know anything about this horrific history or have documents which can be used to further prove their heinous crimes, please contact Joe Oliver, WLA, POB 1483, Balt. MD 21203.

Leonard Makowski's Alerts:

The White Lung Association stands in opposition to The Specter Bill (S.852)

WLA Alerts & News

S.1115: Bill to amend the Toxic Substances Control Act to reduce the health risks posed by asbestos-containing products - This bill is supported by the WLA.

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Proceedings of the Asbestos Symposium for the Asian Countries - now available for purchase.

Australia Bans Asbestos!



Senator Specter Breaks Promise to Mesothelioma Patient and Research Community

Senate Judiciary Committee returns to Mark-Up on May 11th: Proposed asbestos trust fund legislation will further penalize victims of asbestos-caused diseases


World Trade Center Health:

In May 2003, the Global Environment & Technology Foundation developed the "Asbestos Strategies" report.

British Asbestos Newsletter:

The latest issue is Spring 2005


News from India:

The latest issue is January 4, 2007



December 17, 2000 is Asbestos Hazard Awareness Day


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Asbestos Museum


Articles & Publications:

Occupational Respiratory Diseases: Asbestos Associated Disease -- Reprinted from: Maxcy-Rosenau Public Health and Preventative Medicine 11th ed. (John M. Last, Ed.) 1980, Appleton-Century-Crofts

Asbestos Victims Deserve Compensation Not Betrayal: position release by the Board of Directors, White Lung Association



In Memoria:

Paul Safchuck May 21, 2003

Dr. William Nicholson Dies at 70

Ray Sentes Brave Fighter For Asbestos Victims

For more information please contact info whitelung org.